Use your creativity on solutions, or….shut the f*@k up.

Today is my last day on Earth.

I’m not suicidal. I should be. It’d be easier to just erase myself and not face the end. It’s coming. The end. Or so they’d have you believe. Those folks always pop up at the top of my feeds.

Feeds. An interesting term…

We’re not doing our best, but there’s still time and hope.

“I can tell the pandemic’s over because everyone is an asshole again.” -Someone said somewhere

Disparagement is in again. As the veil of the coronavirus lifts my fear is that lessons learned will soon be victims of short-term memory. Vanquished to a vault only to be reflected upon in the…

Only in America do we commoditize people and their lives.

Gas. Water. Solar. Wind.

Being human. Emotions. Self-worth.

Life as we know it has become commoditized.

All of it. Look around. There is a price tag on everything. We are living in the roadside hubcap tent of life. We are stale candy in a vending machine. We are contestants on…

Living, suffering, and redefining what doesn’t kill me.

Pandemic life corrupted my senses. My perceptions. Of life. What it should or should not be and how to cope with the cascade of news, loss, disappointment, and uncertainty. Or so I’ve been telling myself. Living in constant white static noise is exhausting. …

In a post-truth era, your “truth” is a story you choose to tell.

Nary a social media post scrolls by without someone echoing into the chamber how they’re “living their truth” or proud of someone who is “speaking their truth.” The co-opting of the word truth by individuals who are simply living their life in accordance with their subjective measures for happiness and…

Nathan L. Senter

Writing to quiet the voices. To empty the gut. Coach. Husband. Father.

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